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Here you can find a variety of Tuval-Minimal’s projects, with each project expressing different designs and accordingly the variety of Steel Frame Windows and Doors we have to offer. Using the “tags” function you can narrow down our projects to better match your interests and preferences.

Our “Tips & Knowledge” section can help broaden your knowledge and understanding in different fields of interest: glazing, rust protection strategies, the many advantages of Steel Frame Windows, and more…

White Steel Windows with External Blinds

Hot-Rolled Steel Profiles painted White. Wet-Painting technique. The Steel Profiles are rust-proof thanks to Zinc-Metallizing thermal coating. Enhanced Thermal-Performance is achieved thanks to the installation

פנטהאוז בתל-אביב: חלונות בלגיים מברזל, בשילוב פתרונות חכמים, להתאמה מושלמת של החלונות לקווי המבנה

Tel-Aviv Penthouse

In this project, we covered a retaining pillar with steel, so that it appears to be an integral part of the large vitrine. For the

בית ברמת השרון - פרופיל בלגי ברזל בסגנון מודרני ומינימליסטי

Modern Minimalistic Steel Frame

In this project, our Steel Windows & doors were designed in a clean and minimalistic manner, complementing the modern construction. The External Venetian Blinds create

בית בסביון בעיצוב נקי ומודרני

Modern & Clean Design in Savyon

Tuval’s minimalistic Steel Frames naturally extend this house’s clean and modern design. Opening the vitrine doors inwards enables the External Blinds to be closed even while the

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