Premium Steel Products

Design, Technology and Smart Solutions

Tuval Minimal develops, designs and manufactures a range of steel-windows & doors products for 20 years now. The uniqueness of the company is in its advanced production methods and strict adherence to the uncompromising quality of the products and solutions.

  • Rust resistance and fabulous appearance for years – The use of the highest quality of painting process, and zinc spray metallizing techniques ensure long term protection from corrosion. 
  • Custom plans for each project  – the design and engineering teams emphasizes finding the optimal solution that combines customized design with ease of use and operation. 
  • A defined production policy routine that ensures exquisite finishing standard and unparalleled visibility. Overall, our products are produced under the best conditions in the factory, and undergo stringent and rigorous quality monitoring and finishing processes. 

Hot-Rolled Steel-Windows & Doors

Tuval’s windows & doors combines a number of unique advantages: resistance to rust, superb finish, and of course a minimalist, clean design.

Thermally-Broken Steel-Windows & Doors

Thermally-Broken Steel-Windows & Doors, crafted with Ottostumm’s advanced profiles. W50 Family maintain the elegant and minimalist look of the legacy W40 hot-rolled steel profiles, while ensuring superb thermal isolation.

Sliding & Folding Steel-Windows & Doors

Legacy hot-rolled profiles on sliding tracks. Tuval’s unique development include: ultra-minimalist frames, sliding Steel-Doors for large openings and folding doors systems.