How to protect Steel-Windows from rust – What’s the difference between Electrogalvanizing and Zinc Metalizing?

The main disadvantage of Steel Frame Windows is the tendency to encounter rust at a certain point in time. Rusting (corrosion) is a natural and gradual process that affects iron due to exposure to water and oxygen in the air. The rust that forms on the iron makes it fragile and brittle, making it pretty destructive for products made of steel.

Israel”s Mediterranean climate is characterized by high temperatures, humidity, and the proximity to the sea which creates saltiness. These accelerate the rusting process, to a point when even products which underwent anti-rust procedures, such as painting or regular galvanization, eventually rust over the years.

How to prevent Rust on Steel products

Corrosion can be prevented by the use of a few procedures. A combination of these procedures will promise durability for more years to come. The recommended protection against rust includes covering the steel with a thin layer of zinc, and adding on top a few layers of paint.
Zinc Metalizing & Multi-Layer protection against Rust

Electrogalvanizing process

Zinc coating of Steel is called Galvanization. Zinc is a metal with electro-negative qualities as opposed to steel, so that it dramatically slows down rusting processes. The most common and inexpensive way to coat steel with zinc, is through a process called Electrolysis. The steel is “dipped” in a pool of water with dissolved zinc particles, at which point an electric current is passed through the steel. The electric attraction of the zinc ions “pin” them on to the steel.The main disadvantage of this technique is the relatively thin layer of coating.

Hot Galvanization

In order to compensate this disadvantage, the steel is to be dipped in a melted zinc bath (at 450 degrees Celsius). This process is suitable for “rough” steel products, so that the high temperature won’t bend or distort them. The steel is to be cleaned from any zinc leftovers, so that its appearance isn’t harmed. This is why this process is more convenient with products who aren’t too complex in shape, so that the degree of finishing isn’t too critical.

Zinc Metalizing using Spray-Flame Technique

In order to achieve the advantages of hot galvanization without harming the product, a more sophisticated technique was developed, in which the zinc is practically sprayed upon the product. A special tool melts the zinc using a flame, and sprays it upon the surface of the steel product. The Spray-Flame technique allows precise control of the thickness of the coating and can be implemented on all shapes and sizes of products. The zinc layer which forms is then very tough and adhesive. This way it ensures that the layers of paint on top will be easily mounted on the project, without the fear of it peeling off.
Zinc Metalizing using Thermal-Spray Technique at Tuval's plant

Optimal Rust Protection for Steel-Windows

Tuval has successfully implemented the advanced Spray-Flame Galvanization method on all sorts of products. This unique technique provides Tuval Minimal’s Steel Frame products a crucial advantage compared to other manufacturers. Tuval’s Steel-Windows (along with all other products) are rust durable for many years, maintaining their clean and sleek look, even when installed in the most challenging areas: near the sea or in humid washrooms. The difference is very well felt when comparing Tuval’s White Windows with other bright products which underwent regular galvanization processes. This is mainly because on a bright surface, every spot of rust jumps out and is very apparent.
Along with the advanced galvanization method, Tuval “wet”  paints with epoxy primer  & two component paints, all of its products, as a second & Third layer of protection. When discussing Steel Frame Windows manufactured using welding and shaving, This technique is significantly more efficient and qualitative as opposed to “powder” painting, and ensures the highest level of product finishing.

With our special galvanization method, we at Tuval promise you the best Windows our Steel Framing has to offer, without compensating the quality of material or the product’s performance.

Steel-Windows protected against rust with Thermal-Spray. White color with Zero rust. Installation near the beach in Tel-Aviv


For further reading on Spray-Flame Hot Galvanization and its advantages:

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