Tel Aviv Penthouse – When Classic meets Clean


Tuval Minimal’s minimalistic Steel Frame integrates harmonically with the project’s clean design. The windows were designed both from a classical and a modern approach. The windows were matched with a variety of external shading solutions: Roller Shutters in the bedrooms, and External Venetian Blinds in the public spaces, which maintain the windows’ elegant look and allow natural light to enter the home. Facade-Screens were assembled on the outer side of the kitchen windows. The sunscreens’ special fabric is UV resistant, prevents dazzling and doesn’t hide the breathtaking view of the nearby park.

Thanks to our advanced galvanization method, protection against rust is optimal, ensuring safe and care-free use of water in the washroom. The hot galvanizing method guarantees window durability against rust – even in locations adjacent to the sea.

Design: Gabi Gur
Photography: Itay Benit

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