Tel-Aviv Penthouse

פנטהאוז בתל-אביב: חלונות בלגיים מברזל, בשילוב פתרונות חכמים, להתאמה מושלמת של החלונות לקווי המבנה

In this project, we covered a retaining pillar with steel, so that it appears to be an integral part of the large vitrine. For the round wall near the dining room, we created polygon-shaped windows using Pivot opening. That way, our clients can enjoy an elegant and clean view, together with easy handling.

The garden planters were made from steel, a perfect match to the house’s unique design.

The Hot Galvanizing technique ensures the windows’ durability against rust, even in the harshest climate conditions: Tel Aviv’s humidity and closeness to the sea. Thanks to our technology, our Steel Frame Windows can be implemented in any room, even bathrooms.

Design: Ricky Cory
Photography: Nofar Bouganim

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