Efficient & Designed sun Protection

  • External shading is more efficient than indoor shading, since it essentially blocks heat radiation from entering indoors. In addition, the outdoor shades enable a flexible design and comfortable operation.
  • Alongside the comfort of use and design aspects, a smart shading solution improves energy efficiency, and leads to a dramatic decrease in electricity usage. Our Electric Outdoor Shades block over 80 percent of heat radiation that would otherwise enter the room through the window.
  • The Outdoor Shading Solutions are an integral part of the window, both functionally and in terms of design. Tuval outlines the specific per-project solution early in the engineering process. Our project managers pay attention to a variety of parameters: the design style, operational demands, thermal characteristics, climate conditions and the specific installation characteristics. Tuval supplies all preparations in the earliest construction stages, including the cover boxes, and hidden rails.

External Shading Solutions

External Venetian Blinds

The External Venetian Blinds are the optimal solution for designed windows. The EVB combines technological advantages and quality shading alongside a stylish and elegant look. The blind doesn’t hide the landscape, and the amount of shading can be adjusted precisely as you wish.

Tuval offers blinds from the leading brands in Europe: “Climax” and “Nova-Hoppe” (Germany), both with a high-standard of wind resistance, which definitely meet our high standards.

Facade Screens

The Facade Awnings are the hottest trend in Europe these days. Thanks to technological progress in fabric quality, our screens durable even in harsh climatic conditions: wind, dust, dirt and extensive sun radiation.

Facade Screens have a clean and stylish look. We hold a variety of blind fabrics to choose from, including different levels and kinds of colors and transparency.

Our Blinds can be installed on cables for a delicate and clean look, or on guiding rails for enhanced durability and better darkening effect.

Roller Shutters

Alongside the standard Roller Shutters manufactured in Israel (light shutter), Tuval also offers specially minimalist designed shutters.

The minimalist S-Onro Shutter (Germany) fits the thin steel frame profile. Compared with the “light phase” shutter, it has a more delicate appearance, and allows more light to enter the room, thanks to the many cracks between the minimal steps.

Its significant advantage compared to other solutions is in its ability to darken and completely seal out the light. Our Designed Electric Shutters are ideal for bedroom windows.